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Well, I reformed the band after it’s untimely demise - (I had simply had enough, I left in 2002. We were all pretty sick of each other after gigging solidly for 4 years with that line-up and still getting paid shit money and been treated like shit at so called professional festivals, and we all were not getting on too well as a band, no one liked the new songs I was writing, and because of these circumstances, no one really seemed to care what was happening, so as I said, I just left, and two weeks later the band split) - The current line up has two original members, one other old member and two new guys. As soon as we all find the time, we will record the new album TO SOL A THANE. The demo’s are working out great I think, and the newest songs are somewhere in between NEW DARK AGE and HALCYON. I made sure that this time around I will be one hundred percent happy with everything. We will record the new album at ROSENQUARZ TONSTUDIO in Lubeck with Andreas Libera engineering and Michael Hahn producing, those men are simply incredible!! They will make this album the heaviest we ever made!!
Rich Walker

John joined COF to make some money and live the life of a rock star, which he did, he had it all, and he blew it all, so fair play to the guy – though he tried to rejoin SOLSTICE a few weeks after he left we told him to get fucked, he then joined COF. So in the end, he got what he REALLY wanted.
Rich Walker

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