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Smilez and Southstar Quotes

Me and Southstar were solo artists in Orlando, and we always wanted to hook up with each other. We liked each other's style. But the timing was bad, and we never had any money to get in the studio [and work together]. Finally, our producer Dakari got us in the studio, and the synergy we had was so crazy that we did two songs that night. That was in August [2001], and we continued until January [2002]. We had 17 songs done, and we kept making demos.

It's just a city just like any place else. There's a lot of hip-hop [here], but it hasn't been exposed yet. It was definitely harder than if we were from a bigger market like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or even St. Louis, now that Nelly has opened the doors. But that made it more fun for us because we wanted to be the first hip-hop artists out of Orlando to break down the door. So it was harder, but it made it more rewarding once we did make it.

Definitely Biggie [Smalls], Eminem, and Jay-Z because they talk about what they see and what they've been through. And I feel like that's what we do.
Smilez (on influences)

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