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It all started with Kevin [Coleman]. We’re old childhood friends. We started to jam together. Well, you could call it “making noise.” Then we were introduced to Greg [Camp]. We wanted him to be part of the whole thing but at first he wasn’t really delighted about it. We just kept showing up and banging on his window until he let us in.
Steve Harwell

When we formed the band in 1994, we didn’t have one style of music in mind. We wanted to write songs that feel good to us and make others feel good. The question of a particular style never once crossed our minds.
Steve Harwell

We all have different musical preferences, but we like a lot of the same stuff. So, it’s not a problem at all. Our different tastes give our sound the variety it needs to stand out and we’re quite happy with that. I think our different musical backgrounds and preferences blend perfectly together.
Steve Harwell

Greg brings in a skeleton of a song and we all work on it, play around with it and make it a song. Greg writes most of the lyrics but that’s OK. It’s what he’s good at.
Steve Harwell

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