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I got involve in music while going to primary school at the age of 12 but I didnít start playing professionally until I was 15. At that time Ansel Collins, a Keyboard player working with Lee Perry, called me to do my first recording session on a song called 'Night Doctor.' That eventually came out as the Upsetters label. I was also 15 when I did my second recording. That recording was Double Barrel by Dave & Ansel Collins. The song was a million seller that went to #22 on the Billboard Hot-100 chart in USA and #1 on the UK chart.
Sly Dunbar

I play a little piano for myself because I had a lot of admiration for Jackie Mittoo of the Skatalites. Jackie was a very important in the development of Reggae.
Sly Dunbar

ďWith music in Jamaica at the moment, you jus got the rhythm. With jus the rhythm alone nothin is going to happen because only one half of it is good. You canít build a house when only half of it is solid. We need writers, people to come up with proper melody. We need good singers like inna Bob, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru-era. Thatís not happening.Ē
Robbie Shakespeare

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