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Slim Thug Quotes

It was mix tapes, thatís my story, I did a lot of mix tapes, thatís what I started doing when I was 17. I got with a hot DJ out here and you know Texas, the rap scene is different, everyone out here is on the Screw music.

Slim Thug, it came about when I was about 15 years old but ya know what Iím saying, I used to carry myself slim but there were a lot of slims going on. People used to say I looked like a thug so I kinda just put that at the end made it full.

Itís a beautiful experience, you know being a new artist coming out with somebody like them, they geniuses at what they doing. It makes it real comfortable over there. Itís kind of hard to lose when you got people like that backing you. I love it. Pharrell and Chad are real cool real easy to work with. Easy to get along withÖ

The state of hip-hop right now, I like it they got a lot of good people out there you know what Iím saying. Itís time for a change or whatever. Its time its time. I think everyone is doing a lilí too much killing right now, I donít believe it. I think hip-hop needs to change.

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