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It time man, you know.. I been putting in work, for like 10 years so finally its about to jump off for me.

Im actually working with some new producers, a producer called " Presidential " thats down with me and they got the first single on the album called "Dulie-Wop". And uhh of course the Dungeon Family.

My inspriations were everything man, everything that was in the 70's, so its like youll hear somthing, a little of everything in there, you know what I mean, I think my style is you know kinda a little similar... little like Nate Dogg.

Oh yeah, its probly not quite pimpin, but it is.. a little something of everything.. its gangsta, its hustla, know what I mean?..Its more like an album dedicated to the hustlers that go through stuff, and all the relationship stuff and everything...so I know my boys gonna feel me.
(about his debut album)

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