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"Yes I am still involved in music. I think I always will be… After SLAUGHTER LORD I played in MORTAL SIN for about a year, not appearing on any of their albums but doing their one European / American tour in 1990. I then formed a band called PRESTO, which was not Metal at all. Touring extensively around Australia and releasing two CD's, Australian release only. While involved in PRESTO, I became involved with NAZXUL in about 1995. We released our debut album "Totem" and just recently our new MCD "Black Seed". NAZXUL is very epic, brutal Metal…PRESTO no longer exists!"
Steve Hughes

"When I first started making bands, Thrash was virtually unheard of and in fact in Australia, totally unheard of! But I always wanted to make a heavy band and yes it was difficult to find people but I was very determined and the pieces just fell into place over the course of many years! Mick Burke, who was the SLAUGHTER LORD guitarist I met at school and he introduced me, with the help of his big brother's record collection, to bands such as VAN HALEN, JUDAS PRIEST. He also introduced me to a friend of his who had the first VENOM album! You can imagine what happened then!! Tony Noel, who became the bass guitarist and vocalist of SLAUGHTER LORD, I met through a friend of mine by pure chance. In fact there were many line up changes to go through between '83 and '86. Sandy Vahdanni, who played on the first SADISTIK EXEKUTION album "The Magus", was an original member of SLAUGHTER LORD along with many other guys who ended up in many other prominent Australian Metal bands. Anton, the guitarist, I met through previous members of
Steve Hughes

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