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Rock is not the predominant music in the U.K. However, in the States it has a much stronger presence and is far from being dead. In the U.K. dance oriented music is quite popular. Obviously, we take our elements of groove from that, but rock music is not the same over there. Rock music in America is much more wide stream, and kids are more turned on to rock music than pop music.
Benji Webbe

I just write songs. I love Reggae music, but if I was just singing Reggae or just in a straight punk rock band singing…when I listen to punk rock bands or Reggae bands I don’t think, “Oh I’d like to put the singer from Sum 41 with Sean Paul.” I don’t think like that. As a kid I listened to bands like Public Enemy because I always liked the diversity and the madness that was going on in the music.
Benji Webbe

Our biggest highlight of summer…. It was upstate New York, in Syracuse I believe, at the K-ROCK show. We played at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and we played “Nobody,” which was the #1 radio request. As we started the song the crowd went crazy. There must have been at least 10,000 people there, and we had at least 1,000 kids freaking out and rocking out along with us.
Benji Webbe

I’m a reggae punk rocker to the core, so whatever I do is going to be in that vein. When I worked with Soulfly I added my flavor, which was the screaming punk rock thing with the dancehall vocals. That is what I do. That’s my fit. Of course coming from such an eclectic upbringing
Benji Webbe

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