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I'm 29. I'm not 21 anymore and I'm not looking to please anybody anymore, except the Lord. So those kind of things, I'm beginning to be a little more vocal and outspoken about it.
John Cooper

That's why I like doing what we're doing now. Not that I didn't like the Invincible-type music. It was fun to play, but I feel like this is more my style. I'm having a real good time playing this stuff.
Lori Peters

John taught me the most about the structure of songs, and he listens to a ton of pop music. I don't really like pop music, but some many of the songs are so good that I've learned to appreciate that. Especially on this album, John's been able to create songs that really work with today's hot sounds.

I think it's really coming down to what I've learned on the road. You know, we're on the tour with 12 Stones right now. People all the time come down and say "Are 12 Stones for real? Are they really Christians?". I think it's coming down to everybody wants to find a hero. Me included.
John Cooper

Like if we had just started and people heard us on the radio. You know, when Creed came out and everybody was like, "they're a Christian band" and it was like, how do you know? "Because their songs are spiritual" or whatever. I think that when you've had a history like we've had of being very upfront, you know, we just say "Jesus" and do alter calls and worship ... the whole deal.
John Cooper

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