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Sister Sledge Quotes

...all kinds of music, we had a great variety of music, our grandmother was a classical artist and she would have us listen to Madame Butterfly and at the same time, maybe on the same day we'í hear Billie Holiday or Hugh Masakela. 
Kim Sledge

Our mother was a movie actress and our mother she didnít sing, she thinks she can. Seriously we didnít get our talent from Mom, but she can dance and she was a great movie..she did a lot of theatre. 
Joni Sledge

Our parents did not encourage us to be in showbusiness at all, it was kind of a metamorphosis we just grew up around showbusiness but our mother was a real stickler for education so it was important to her we all had careers to fall back on, so we all got our college degrees so we did that. 
Joni Sledge

I think..we were attracted to music Ďcos music was a way of life, for us, music was always in our lives we sang outside playing the games that we played, little street games, little musical games, right we were ??? in school so music was just a way of life and we enjoyed it there was a lot of singing in our home and in our circles. 
Kim Sledge

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