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I’ve always loved music and being around it, and I had some friends in bands and I just liked to hang out with them. This was like in 7th grade. My heroes were always musicians, more so than athletes. Just like anything, you want to emulate your heroes.
Jeff Beres

I went to college, where I met the rest of Sister Hazel. We are one of the only bands out there where everyone has a college degree.
Jeff Beres

Well we are all from Gainesville Florida and we were all playing in different bands. We were able to recognize each other's talents and we knew what we had to do. So we assembled it (Sister Hazel) and right from the beginning, it locked in.
Jeff Beres

Any band that has been doing it as long as us has to progress in one way or another. One way that we did that was through collaboration on this record. There is a lot more inner band collaboration, both in the songwriting process as well as in the studio production and arrangement. After playing so long with the same guys, you either learn to respect what they have to offer musically or not, and we’ve all discovered what everybody brings to the table and really tried to bring out those strengths in each other.
Jeff Beres

Freedom to do a lot of the things we have been talking about, and to release the sheer amount of music that we’ve been writing. When you’re in that machine, which is definitely what it is, the way that it was laying out for us was every three years put out a record, try to get a single, chase radio. If the single doesn’t work go for another one.
Jeff Beres

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