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Sir Mix-A-Lot Quotes

"Half the people who bought it bought it cause Im the 'Baby Got Back' guy. So, no, I dont regret that song. It bought me my house I am living in now. I use it as a way to reel people in. I reel them in with the hit and then give them the meat."

"I went on tour in 2000 and people loved it and wanted new material, so I fell back in love with the game and hit the studio. I wanted to get back into it. I still have the business stuff to deal with, though, but Im fine with it. I love being back in the game."

"Most cats that rap, they rap about bling bling, and just keep doing it. And, I mean, I cant knock it, since I was the king of it at one time, but that is why I don't like hip-hop these days . It's all about bling bling and really doesn't have substance,"

"Before that moment I didnt understand people like Pearl Jam complaining of high ticket prices. I used to be in it for me and padding my pockets. But now I realize its all about the fans. Without the fans, I wouldn't be here. That moment changed my entire perception of my career."

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