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Sir Douglas Quintet Quotes

I had a group back then called Hoagie Meyers And The Visions Of Light. Doug had a band. I opened the show for The Dave Clark Five and then Doug Sahm came on and the The Dave Clark Five came on. I had the only Vox organ in America at the time. Theirs broke and they said "can we use your organ?" I told them they could use mine. They said "we have an English organ." I said "I have one." And so after the show, Huey Meaux was there. That was who our producer was. He did B.J. Thomas, Barbara Lynn, Freddie Fender with "Before The Next Tear Drop Falls". He said "Doug, you have long hair. You all have long hair. You all know each other?" We said "We've been friends since we were twelve years old." He said "Well, put a band together, an English sounding thing." This was in 1964. So Doug came up with Sir Douglas and I came up with Quintet. 
Augie Meyers

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