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I never used to watch horror films because I was a nervous type. I believed all the publicity about The Exorcist when it was released - you know, all that nonsense about people fainting in the cinema - and decided it would definitely freak me out. I particularly remember my girlfriend telling me about Suspiria ó ironic considering my first ever film work was with Argento ó and how scary it was.
Simon Boswell

NABOER came about because of SHALLOW GRAVE. A lot of people have seen that film around the world and I guess they like the score. I always wanted the music for NABOER to be orchestral and thought that Bernard Hermann was a good template. Some of the weirder moments, though, are a 70 piece orchestra slowed down by a factor of 20, and then reversed. Donít think Bernard would have gone for that, though. As for DUST DEVIL, well, Iíve scored pretty much everything that Richard Stanley has directed. Heís a good friend and Iím very fond of him. I wish the world would wake up to what a neglected genius he is.
Simon Boswell

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