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We felt impatient and slightly frustrated and wanted to yell at people and make sure that they got the point, so our songs naturally had more energy. We didn't want to get stuck playing slow moody songs all our life and we wanted to give a lot of energy on stage. We had also moved to London where everyone runs around like a headless chicken flaying their arms barking media terms and that kind of got to us. At the same time we were getting into dirty rnb stuff, probably in reaction to the old album. We are reactionary and like to confuse ourselves.
Simon Lord

Manchester is colder than London and it rains more. London is up its own arse and is consumed by fashion but it does have loads of stuff going on and you just have to sift to find the quality. I like the Manchester attitude off "fuck you we'll do it our own way", London should learn from that and not follow every little trend like a poodle sniffing another dog’s arse. 
Simon Lord

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