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Dimmu Borgir is always proud to advertise its member shifts.
It’s a Norwegian thing. It’s a small community and good musicians are hard to find. For Dimmu, it’s a curse. I think there’s been 15 people in and out of the band. That’s the thing, I think. Dimmu Borgir is stronger and moving in the right direction with every new member.

We’ve always been into bands like KISS, Wasp, and Twisted Sister. Shit like that. I actually need the corpsepaint when I’m on stage. It’s so much easier to perform, to get into the role and into the music wholeheartedly. When you have all the effects, it’s easier.

You can be spontaneous in another way because you don’t have the time pressures. If you have a lot of time, you can fool around of stuff. If we have time pressures, it’s like back-to-back work. When you have more time, you can experiment a little bit more. That’s a very good thing.

It’s more analog. Well, analog in the sense that it’s more organic. There’s not all these automatic faders and shit like that. You can’t control the sound like you’re able to do in Fredman.

Spiritual Black Dimensions was recorded over a period of two months, actually. We shortened it down a bit.

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