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We’re all from the same neighborhood in Philly, pretty much, five or 10 minutes from each other. Me and the lead guitar player Nick Perri went to the same high school, and the other three guys went to another high school a couple minutes away. We sorta just crossed paths.
Kevin Frank

..we write all the time. All of us play guitar, we jam on the bus every day. We have literally a couple hundred ideas for songs, but none of it is put together ‘cause we’re never around a studio or anything. We have our own demos we put together on the bus, but I don’t have time, you know, to sit down and record drum tracks or anything.
Kevin Frank

We were in a van forever, so a tour bus is an amazing thing. Up until we toured with Van Halen last summer in June and July. We became friends with everyone in Van Halen, but mainly Sammy Hagar. He sponsored us with Cabo Wabo tequila to help buy our first tour bus, helped rent them when we didn’t have any money. (Laughs) We still don’t have any money but we have this bus.
Kevin Frank

Even if this record sold just 2,000 copies we would make five more. We’re not in it for anything other than playing music. We’re lucky to tour with other bands and have a great time, but we just want to make records and play live.
Kevin Frank

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