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Silversun Pickups Quotes

Weíre from Los Angeles, so we never moved here to make our dreams happen. That sets us apart. Itís funny, too, because itís not a niche in a sound wayóall the bands that we know are so different. When we play Ship nights, it couldnít be any more different, so thatís great because itís not a scene or style. Weíre not linked because weíre all third-generation ska bands.
Brian Aubert 

Sometimes itís collaborative from the ground up, but most of the times I have the kernel ready to go. Itís not ďHey, hereís a riff, everybody, letís jam on it,Ē because I donít really like jamming. So I come up with some semblance of a song and they attack it and change it completely. They do stuff thatís just amazing.
Brian Aubert

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