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I have a couple of cousins who live in the UK who I came to visit when I was 17, I got up on stage at the Orange club in London & sang a Bill Withers track when my cousins band played “that was my first UK performance” (laughs).

We’ve not worked together before although we’ve known each other for years. Once we got our chemistry right we pretty much wrote the entire album in a couple of weeks. The recording process was easy too. We recorded all the parts then threw it all onto the computer - then we lovingly mixed the whole thing.

No it just makes me more real, if the audience gives a great response it just makes my performance heaps more real. On the other hand if it’s a bad gig then I get the fear and turn into something that isn’t the real me.

It is but that’s how I like things, I am also writing a film at the moment – a screenplay, you know? I’m learning how it all works. I am reading others at the moment so I can learn how to be better at it.

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