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ďThe whole underground scene is your backbone and the way to break into the industry. Itís how you build up your name, especially in raves. Itís not something that should be taken for granted because if it was not for the underground scene, how would people even know who you are?Ē

ĎWhen I am out I have young girls coming up to me saying, ĎYouíre my role modelí and ĎYouíre my idolí. Itís nice to have that and know that youíre appreciated,Ē

It was all good you know, Iím kinda used to the cameras from doing video shoots and interviews and stuff like that, so being in front of the cameras was all good. With the acting thing, because it is kind of semi-autobiographical it wasnít too hard, things such as me spitting at radio stations Iíve done that loads of times so it wasnít too bad.

That was easy, I knew Baby Blue, J2K and Crazy Titch amongst others, everyone working on the programme knew someone who was in it. We asked everyone if they want to come down, we were doing a TV series and everyone was like yep were down.

Itís going good man, everythingís been going all good man, canít complain, breathing and all that.

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