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Shout Out Louds Quotes

Itís basically me. I write most of the lyrics and most of the music, but we always put things together in the band, where everyone adds something. Especially now. In the beginning I was the one who really knew more about song-writing I guess. Now, everybody helps. Because we were quite beginners when we started we really wanted to experiment and have fun and we didnít have any goals to be a big rock band. So I think now more people in the band are really starting to get ideas, but at this point itís really my ideas that we all put together.
Adam Olenius

Itís maybe a little more professional in some places in the U.S. because when we started off here, we didnít have any tour managers or crew or anything. We just packed ourselves in a van and drove around and just managed and we had a hotel, but basically in the beginning we just slept in the promotersí apartments. It was more like an adventure where as when weíre in the U.K. now we have a bus and itís more professional.
Adam Olenius

....when I write the music, I write it for myself. And then when I release it to an audience it becomes like their song. Not much has changed really, but since I'm writing it for myself, the attitude towards it doesn't change really. When I write, I talk about my friends, where I live, the environment, the city of Stockholm, so that's perhaps what I'll always write about.
Adam Olenius

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