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Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! When I do gigs that are quite far away itís just sleep, but when I'm home I like to just relax and be with my son, watch some television, a bit of trashy reality TV and just basically chill out.

I like material things simply because I appreciate nice things, but I know that's not everything. I appreciate much more being at home with my son, watching my son throwing his toys around, so yeah I do like material things but they don't rule my world.

Yes, thereís been things I've been wanting to do for a long time but just haven't found the time to do it, and itís still difficult to find the time to actually concentrate on something other than music, but itís something I'm really passionate about...and when it comes out you will see why.
(about TV career)

Two-seater sports...yeah...no! Cause of my baby I canít do that, itíll have to be a luxury cruiser, I've got a child so I canít have a two-seater, itís naughty!

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