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We will continue bringing integrity to the table with songwriting, finding unique ways to structure a song, and utilizing male and female vocals.
Jeremy Dawson

Itís like a marriage between a guitar and a synthesizer. If you take all points and fundamentals of rock music and you take all the epic emotional side of electronic music and fuse that together with male vocals and female vocals and thatís basically what we sound like.
Jeremy Dawson (on their sound)

We had to bring the record down to 11 tracks. The reason for that is when you come out of the gate with a new album and you're a new band, you can't go swarming forward with an 18-track double-disc thing. People can't wrap their head around that.
Jeremy Dawson

We use MySpace differently than most bands. It's an open portal of communications. We use the bulletin board to post flyers, and communicate directly to kids and fans globally.
Jeremy Dawson

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