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We call it SUPER ROCK. It is just high intensity rock music. The live show is definitely different than the record. It is more stripped down and way heavier. We live to play live.
Brad Stewart

"Jason, the guitar player in the band, said a really unique thing to me once. He said, 'Music Ė you donít pick it, it picks you.' This is so true.
Brent Smith

"I screwed up at a young age with my parents. They were very religious and they didnít really understand music. They didnít really listen to music. I went through a series of battles with them about why I loved music.
Brent Smith

The band started with Brent Smith, our lead singer. He had a development deal with a different band on Atlantic and the label decided to move forward with Brent and not with the rest of his band. They allowed him to write with other people, develop his songwriting craft, and find the musicians that he wanted to work with. This led him to Jacksonville where he met Brad, the bass player, through a mutual friend of Brentís A&R guy, local Jacksonville producer Pete Thornton. The two hit it off and guitarist Jasin Todd would join the band next. Jasin was in another band and wanted to concentrate on his guitar playing and didnít want to sing and play any more in his other band. Jasinís fiancť owned the studio where Brad and Brent were making the demos and Jasin got the chance to play with us. We just fit together.
Brad Stewart

I think we just be ourselves. We are not necessarily trying to be different or better than anyone. We just do what comes naturally to us, and what feels good to us. I think Brentís voice is something that might stand out these days. I think it is cool to see power singers making a comeback in the aftermath of rap/scream rock. He can really hit those notes.
Brad Stewart

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