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She Wants Revenge Quotes

The whole experience is so overwhelming. We grew up listening to KROQ. And now we're on it.
DJ Adam 12

We met when we were kids, in the valley. I was DJing at a party in my friend's backyard, actually one of the very first parties I ever DJ'd. There were all these skater kids hanging out back there. Justin was there, and I played a record and he came up and asked me what it was. From then on we just kept bumping into each other for years.
DJ Adam 12 (on meeting frontman Justin [Warfield])

The reason we released it on iTunes first is because our record kept getting pushed back. It was originally supposed to come out in October. We were on the road. We had an EP out on a limited run; there just wasnít that much stuff for kids to go out and listen to. And we just felt like it hadnít really been done that many times before. We didnít want everyone to have to wait 'till January. And it also helps to have something to support while you're on the road!
DJ Adam 12

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