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Yes, I had a lot of moments like that in my life, where I wasn't working as much as I wanted to, or maybe I wouldn't work at all for a long, long time. But I always knew that if I kept doing the music, in my heart, whether I was working out somewhere in front of people or just keeping it within my heart, I would sing again somewhere and somehow. So it's not to lose the need to do the music. That is the dedication part of it. Dedication has to do with keeping the music alive regardless of what happens, whether you can sing it all the time, or you cannot sing all the time, but it's just the dedication of keeping it going. 
Sheila Jordan 

There are the right wingers who hear the music too, but most of the people who are into their form of art like the very abstract and creative writers and artists…. People who don't make a lot of money…. And the jazz. True jazz. I'm not talking about crossover or commercial… I'm talking about true jazz musicians who are not accepted, who are not really accepted by a party of certain people. The people usually who don't accept them are the very wealthy.
If they hire a jazz pianist trio for a party, they're not going to listen. They just want background music, and there's a lot of musicians who do that. 
Sheila Jordan 

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