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D-Block is a movement, it's a way of life. It's me, Jada, and Styles P's label, ya know what I mean, slash Koch Records. You know, and we're doing our thing. We got me as the first artist off of it.

I got a baby boy now, I'm an older man. Back when we were first with Diddy, we were young guys still. I've grown a lot, everything is a lot different, you know.

Iím definitely one of the business dudes of the crew. I try to be there on the business side of everything. I stay in the studio Ďtil late hours; even if Iím not working on myself, Iím working on something else.

...dealing with these lawyers, definitely. Watching, just sitting Ė you know, whatever people got to say about Diddy Ė just watching and learning his moves, how he goes about his day, sitting in the studio for hours when everybodyís going home.

Walk Witt Me" was my first album and that was over on Universal. The deal with Universal didn't work out because of creative differences, you know. As far as the machine over there, it moves differently. The way everybody over there handles business, we just couldn't get with that, it wasn't the time. You know, back then Universal owned everybody, everybody was under Universal. They didn't understand what we were about you know, they didn't wanna support our music as far as making street music. They had no faith in our music, you know, until we put it out on our own and they saw it was #1 on the countdown, on the radio, and then they wanted to get involved and shoot video, you know.

With Universal we couldn't get with people who financially were only giving us thirty-five cents for every CD we sold. Koch you know, they see our vision and they support our vision, as far as what D-Block is about.

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