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I think it was more about the fact that country music wasn't ready for a bunch of young girls. We were teenybopper young. Looking back, we're grateful it didn't happen, because it was a little before our time and I think it would have killed our careers really early had something happened.

Lyric Street was probably the fourth place we went to. There's a stigma attached to female groups, so we were up against a lot. We went to a couple of other places first, but at that point The Dixie Chicks hadn't come out, so the other companies just looked at us and said, „Oh, it's three girls, it's not going to work."

As soon as any song is written, Kristyn will normally bring it to us and say, 'What do you guys think?' She's really good about it and we're really honest about how we feel, and she knows what will work for us.

Originally, I started out writing a lot of my own material, and then when we got a record deal, it was too many people involved in the process. Now I've kind of weeded people out and I end up writing stuff with my friends. I've also tried to find the time to go back to writing on my own a little bit.

We try to make sure to have it be interesting and focused. For the Christmas album we took turns singing lead a lot. It's funny, because individually we all have our own sound but when we sit down and sing together, we blend.

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