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I have groupies but I treat people differently. I let them know on the low that Iím not on it like that. I donít date in the industry or mix business with pleasure, but while weíre here, we can sit back and have a good time. If you want to know me and kick it with me, we could have a good time but Iím not going to take you home. I donít know you and you donít know me. You just know the music that Shawnna puts out, the smile that I do on camera and the dance that I do on stage, but you donít know me.

Yeah, I hit the clubs time and time again and itís nice to have a record come on that makes you feel good about being a woman. Thereís so many records out there about b**** suck this or ďget on your knees hoĒ or ďbend it over and hold it open.Ē We understand that you like that and we dance to it in the club too, but itís nice for a woman to come out and give us one. The way the women come out and get down and appreciate me at the shows, it makes me glad that I did that song.

Throughout your career, youíve always had the respect from the fellas, but could you talk about the love youíve been getting from women?

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