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We've been doing things on the do it yourself level so long. We've learned a lot of the business side of things, mostly because we had to on the fly. We really knew what we wanted going into a record deal. That right away narrowed the playing field. Some labels didn't want to work within our framework of creative control and allotting money for specific marketing. It was more about feeling comfortable. We got to know all the people at Century Media as friends before we signed with them, just by hanging out at shows. It was the same thing with Atlantic. We got to know them throughout the past few years and realized it would definitely work out. That was a huge thing for us, having a comfort level knowing there's a support system that's not just looking to sell records and get out. They know we're not a pop band. We're going to take a slow build career. We don't want to be a flash in the pan, we want to be around for a while. They understood that we're not going to change what we do, and it worked out. It really felt similar to the building of our relationship with Century Media.
Brian Fair

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