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Sevendust Quotes

That's the thing, We've got 12 people on the road with us, 13 including our driver. There's no other way to get around as a unit other than a bus...we pay for our bus, our label doesn't pay for the bus, no one is giving us our bus, we actually spend our money to do it, we spend our money to have our semi out here. We sit down and do tour budgets, all that stuff, we get everything, all our expenses in one pile, and people just think, oh yeah the label is putting you up with a fat bus, well that's not the case at all.
John Connolly

I think it's our best work ever. I'm very proud of it. I mean, we had time to stop and live with the album and, you know, learn the songs. We'd write a song, and a month would go by, and we'd listen to it again, and say, 'Damn, that song's great! It's going on the album'. It's our best work, I think.
Lejon Witherspoon

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