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"We're going to go and play the songs one more time. It seems like the right time, so I figure we'll go out and play a few gigs and see where it goes. I think we might just show up in assorted places in the U.S. in the next few months without much notice and play some clubs and little theaters, and then go to Europe and play these festival gigs. Beyond that, we don't know at this point.”

“We're not trying to replace Layne. We want to play these songs one more time, and if it seems like the right thing to do, it'll happen. I don't know how long it will go or where it will take us. It's kind of a tribute to Layne and our fans, the people who love these songs.”

I think female drummers are great. I think there should more of them.

The difference for me is I just don't sleep on friends' couches anymore.

There's nothing worse than talking about yourself to find out that you're not that interesting.

We've mastered the art of making pretty music that makes you want to die.

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