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Trying to find some inspiration, which is the most difficult part of album making. Trying to find the inspiration to write music, lyrics, music that is relevant, to be in a position to record, since recording is purely mathematical, there is a method and a process in which you approach it. But getting to that stage is difficult.

It's funny you use that word, "religion," or "religious philosophy." Because although I wouldn't really regard myself as religious in the general sense, since I don't believe you have to go to church to pray to God, etc., but if one actually takes the word "religion," it is to realign yourself with one's origin.

Once I allow myself to let go and trust that this thing is bigger than me, then I'm delighted by the music and the art I've created with other musicians and my producer.

The death of the two rappers, Tupac and Biggie, inspired me to write "Human Beings" in somewhat of a sad way.

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