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The Sea and Cake Quotes

Over the years I've developed a home studio, and [songs I compose there] include electronics, mainly because I can't play drums. I've become interested in it sort of by accident, but as I got more into it, I began to fulfill more specific ideas about what I wanted to hear. But this latest record came out of my home studio, which involves synthesizers.
Sam Prekop

I think the thing is, and this is not to discredit electronic music, but a lot of those people aren't actually musicians, so another sort of music comes out of it. I think the way that rock bands that have, over the years, learned how to play, they use electronics differently.
Sam Prekop

We've always been interested in textures and sounds beyond the straight-up format. For me, the electronic stuff is just another tool, it's just like a guitar. The way you organize musical thoughts is similar, and there are still melodies and harmonies. It just sounds different, but the way it functions in a piece is just like anything elseóguitar chords, or whatever. Our goal has always been to integrate it.
Sam Prekop

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