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Satanic Surfers Quotes

I think our music can be described as melodic punk with both personal and political lyrics. In my mind, our sound has always been based around Rodrigo's vocals, with strong melodies to back up the fast paced music. Even though 'Taste The Poison' is a bit more aggressive than our previous albums, the focus is still on the melodies.

Touring for us means travelling in a van and sleeping at hotels and it's working out fine for us. No complaints. It certainly is no glamorous way of life but at the same time it's so much fun to tour that you tend to forget about the bad things. Maybe you don't get enough sleep and drink a little too much, but that's just part of the touring experience. Two of the most important things on the road for us is good food and having a warm and nice place to sleep. This however, doesn't mean that we need five star hotels and gourmet restaurants, it's just a way to try to avoid getting sick on tour. With maybe eight people spending so much time together it just takes one person getting ill and then you know that you all are going to catch a cold sooner or later.

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