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Originally, Im from upstate New York. The neighborhood I grew up in was very mixed. Every race, every religion. Now, I live in Atlanta.

Ive been writing poetry ever since I can remember, and my older brother really got me into hip-hop because he listened to NWA and Public Enemy when I was growing up. My first commercial taste of it was when they started playing Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff on the radio. Hip-hop was just around me, so I absorbed it. When I was a teenager, me and my girls started rhyming about the chicks in our town as a joke, and I just never stopped.

Id love to work with Eve, and Missys style is crazy. I love her cuz shes so damn innovative, not scared of anything. Shes on that next level shit. Id also like to do something with a singer, like Nelly Furtado or Pink.

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