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Pizza. They call me Pizzasaurus Rex in the band because I cannot NOT eat pizza. I canít get a big one, because I will sit and eat the whole thing. I love it so much. And, I know itís really generic, but sleep. Iím such a crabby basket case without sleep.
Sara Bareilles

I got a treatment from the director, Josh Forbes, who was great, and I knew as soon as I read it. I was like ĎThis is it! This is the video!í There was a lot of green screen and post-production, so it was cool to use a lot of your imagination and just get lost in the music because thatís all you have. It happened all in one day, so it was very fast-paced. There was a lot to do and they had a ton of work to do after that. But it was really fun.
Sara Bareilles (about "Love Song" Music Video) 

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