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We were in different bands here in town, and we had always wanted to play together. Chris and I had played together for a while, but we hadn't had the opportunity to play with the other guys. Then the opportunity presented itself when the other bands broke up. [Guitarist] Wayne [Swinny] and I got the same room and jammed and knew it was special.
Josey Scott

I'm like a sponge - I absorb whatever is out there. I've listened to A Perfect Circle a lot, and Staind, too. Any music with integrity - if it's beautiful and artistic, deep and well thought out, which is pretty much everything…country, pop, hard rock…whatever.
Josey Scott

You'll get your money's worth. It's our secret weapon, man. We want to give fans their due. I'm so tired of bands who half-ass it. I want people to come away saying "Damn! That was worth my $7.00!" Or $15 or $20 or whatever. I remember going to see Alice In Chains and Layne would be so @#$%& up, and it would really bum me out, especially since I loved their music.
Josey Scott

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