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The name process was a long and frustrating one... good in the end, but definitely long and frustrating. We started as CREW and when you first start out you can name yourself just about anything and be happy, but being a band for over 6 years we now needed something that meant something to us. We loved the word safe; and I think it’s because we want our listeners to feel that way. It’s easy sometimes to take for granted the fact that you have great friends or a great family; a place where you always feel safe, but that’s not the case for everyone. If we can do that for someone through music we’ve done something special… hence the name Safeysuit.
Douglas Brown

Nashville gets pigeon-holed a lot into being a strictly country town, but its far from it. There is so much talent Nashville. There were a couple factors in getting us there, but the thing that sealed the deal for us was the budding rock scene that we found when we visited. There were a group of local rock bands that were fighting to get the scene recognized on a national level and the attitude was “if you are in for that, you are in with us.” We were really attracted to being a part of that and it is really cool to see people finally recognizing the talent there.
Douglas Brown

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