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That was my original strategy to have artists placed in different locations, then get those different labels to work together for my brand. Of course I learned that's not easy to do because the labels are in competition with one another.

I'm moving more toward looking at the integrity of the brand. My outlook ain't really about how much revenue we're making right now. The purity of the W is more where my heart is at.

Wu Filmz will make small-budget films as well as large-budget films with third-party assistance. We've got a short film called "Domestic Violence" that we're gonna release around the album. I'm also financing a film right now called "When Tyson Met Tyra."

"I can't measure that because I have a lot of love for the French and I'm shown a lot of love back. I'm biased towards the French. I've heard people say things but to me they've always been cool, it's more TV hype than anything else. People aren't really pissed off at each other, maybe at each other's governments but not each other."

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