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Russ Rankin Quotes

We were definitely a lot tighter than I was expecting and there was a really fun vibe from the mostly packed out room at the Melkweg. Just getting readjusted to the late nights and the ever-present haze of cigarette smoke over here.
Russ Rankin

Steve, Mario and I had an in depth discussion on the merits of the NHLís involvement in the Olympic games and ended up agreeing that itís not really a very good idea.
Russ Rankin

The dingy, cold rooms, the inescapable cigarette fog and the acrid cheese tray backstage which grows increasingly repellent throughout the day.
Russ Rankin (about touring in Europe)

I somehow managed to choose the one bunk on the entire bus with the least headspace so Iíve got THAT going for me.
Russ Rankin

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