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When the lady at the courthouse, who had been so helpful to me, told me that I would never gain access to my original birth certificate, it was reality. At first it was funny because she had been so helpful and the way she said, ‘No that will never happen.’ It was reality, records are closed.”

“My birthmom informed me that my father lives on Staton Island within the same neighborhood as my birthmother and siblings”.

“I just thought, ‘God, What are you trying to tell me?’ My story is a story of purpose and destiny. I was questioning my existence. Am I just here to be DMC, to do this rap thing and nothing else? I was suicidal. Angel kept me alive for 3 more years to discover the meaning of the void.

“If I wasn’t adopted I would never have met Jay or Run and I wouldn’t be who I am now, where I am and the influence Run: DMC had on rap music today. We were the rap artists to get promotional deals with the song, ‘My Adidas’.”

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