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Rozonda (Chili)Thomas Quotes

Well, Dallas named him because he always liked that name, and also because that movie came out. He said, ``I always wanted to name my son Tron.'' So he did.

We didn't wait. There was a lot of stuff going on in that five years. We were still making TV appearances, in between going through bankruptcy. Then we had to renegotiate our contract. We couldn't go into the studio until the contract was done. Then we went into the studio and started recording and it just took a while. We wanted to make sure we had great songs. In the midst of all that, Dallas and I had a baby. But none of that was planned, as far as staying away that long.

Well, I don't look at it like they come out and try to take anything. I like a lot of the girl groups that have come out, even when we first came out. I just like great songs. If you have a good song, it's cool. If you're trying to sound like us or whatever, I think people should give props to other people if they admire them.

You know what? A lot of guys come up to me and say, ``Chilli, I'm not a scrub.'' What I tell them is, ``Even if you don't have a car, if you're trying to do something with your life, if you have kids and you're trying to take care of your kids, then that excludes you from being a scrub.''

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