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When youíre onto something good, youíd be an absolute twat to change things. We just want to make a better album. Weíre really proud of ĎHere Come The Drumsí, itíll be a similar big mash-up of rock and dance.

I know how hard she was working herself. At one point she was doing a musical, travelling doing Grease, while also doing Neighbours and the band at the same time! She relishes it though. But Iím certainly looking forward to having her around more! When we were making the album and she was away doing Grease, she phoned up saying ďIím in Sydney and Iím free for a bit, I can do an hour in the studio!Ē, except we were in Melbourne twelve hours away!

I was born in England and lived there til I was 18, I grew up in between Devon and London. Itís crap, they donít accept me in Australia because they think Iím English, and they donít accept me in England either!

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