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I definitely did not come from a musical family. In fact, I was just asking that question of myself yesterday. Everyone in my family has a different thing, and I've been into music ever since I was a kid. When I was 12, I started playing instruments. My dad was in the high school band back when that was cool, and he has a saxophone that he let me pick up.
Bruce Avary

I definitely am not a huge fan of recording because I tend to get really, really picky. But when I write a good song, that's the best feeling ever —it's what I do and what I love. Mostly, I just like connecting with people. I'm blessed to do this even though at times, I pretty much hate the music business. I do love the fans and being with them.
Bruce Avary

I spent a lot of hard-earned money. At first I only sent my stuff in to the Christian labels, and both of them wanted to sign it right off. It didn't happen like that anywhere else. With the others, I was sending stuff and calling, trying to set stuff up. But it was really hard to get heard without really touring.
Bruce Avary

Every day I'm learning something. The biggest thing I struggle with is trusting. I struggle trying to do, and thinking I can do, everything myself. When problems arise, I'm trying to fix it and not let God fix it. It's a roller coaster; I don't know why. Now I find myself focusing more on Christ and what I can do for him through this. When I do, it's awesome to see what's happening.
Bruce Avary

It started as a necessity because I didn't have a band and then it morphed into that, kinda. But, you know, I'm not like a crazy perfectionist. Wait, yes I am. I'm praying for help in that area so I don't drive myself nuts.
Bruce Avary

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