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Peter Sullivan: It's all so fucking hysterical.

Michael Sullivan: If I'm not back in half an hour, you go see Reverend Lynch at First Methodist and you tell him what's happened. Do NOT go to Father Callaway.

Betty the Waitress: So what brings you guys to the middle of nowhere?
Michael Sullivan, Jr.: We're bank robbers.

Michael Sullivan, Jr.: What are you going to do?
Michael Sullivan: Just one last thing, and then it's done.

John Rooney: I curse...the fucking...day...you were born. I curse it!

Michael Sullivan: I'd like to come to work for you, and in turn, I'd like you to turn a blind eye to what I have to do.
Frank Nitti: And what's that, Mike?
Michael Sullivan: Kill the man who murdered my family.

[Sullivan has a gun to Kelly's head]
Jack Kelly: Don't be stupid, Mike. I'm just a messenger.
Michael Sullivan: [lowers his gun] Then give Mr. Rooney a message from me.
Jack Kelly: What is it?
[Sullivan shoots him]

Alexander Rance: This is Mr. Rance in the bridal suite and before you proffer your phony congratulations there is no Mrs. Rance residing with me and I'm all the better for it. Now, listen carefully because I am in no mood. I'm going to say this only once. I would like a boiled egg and I want it runny.

[a knock at the door]
Alexander Rance: It's open. Top marks for speed, no marks for cookery.
[holding plate with egg]
Alexander Rance: What, may I ask, do you call this?
Michael Sullivan: Put it down.
Alexander Rance: Mr. Sullivan!
Michael Sullivan: Mr. Rance.
Alexander Rance: How did you find me?
Michael Sullivan: This is the best hotel in the area and you are so very... particular.
Alexander Rance: Yes, indeed, Mr. Sullivan.

Alexander Rance: What do you think you're going to accomplish by interfering with our business, Mr. Sullivan?
Michael Sullivan: This has nothing to do with your business.
Alexander Rance: It's all business. That's what you fail to grasp. And in business, you must have something to trade. And you, Mr. Sullivan, have nothing to trade. Especially not for anyone as valuable as Connor Rooney.

John Rooney: I'm glad it's you.

Mr. McDougal: You really trust me not to say anything?
Michael Sullivan: Always trust a bank manager.

Michael Sullivan: He murdered Annie and Peter!
John Rooney: There are only murderers in this room! Michael! Open your eyes! This is the life we chose, the life we lead. And there is only one guarantee: none of us will see heaven.
Michael Sullivan: Michael could.
John Rooney: Then do everything that you can to see that that happens.

[Maguire has pulled out a camera.]
Michael Sullivan: Is that your hobby or your...profession?
Maguire: Both, I guess. To get paid to do what you love...ain't that the dream?

Michael Sullivan, Jr.: I couldn't do it.
Michael Sullivan: I know.

Maguire: I shoot the dead. I mean, I take pictures of them, I don't kill 'em.

John Rooney: Natural law. Sons are put on this earth to trouble their fathers.

Maguire: Smile.

Michael Sullivan, Jr.: I saw then that my father's only fear was that his son would follow the same road. And that was the last time I ever held a gun. People always thought I grew up on a farm. And I guess, in a way, I did. But I lived a lifetime before that, in those 6 weeks on the road in the winter of 1931. When people ask me if Michael Sullivan was a good man, or if there was no good in him at all, I always give the same answer. I just thell them: he was my father.

Connor Rooney: I can take care of myself.
Frank Nitti: No you can't! That's the point. You're a big baby who doesn't know his thumb from his dick!

John Rooney: What men do after work is what made us rich. No reason to screw them at work too.

[After seeing his father kill someone]
Michael Sullivan, Jr.: Does Mom know?
Michael Sullivan: Your mom knows I love Mr. Rooney. When we had nothing, he gave us a home. A life.

John Rooney: A man of honor always keeps his word.

John Rooney: You would like to apologize? Try again.

John Rooney: May you get to Heaven an hour before the Devil knows you're dead

Mr. McDougal: Well this is a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting another deposit until the end of the month.
Michael Sullivan: Actually, I'm making a withdrawal.
[Pulls his gun]
Michael Sullivan: And I want dirty money only, everything you're holding for Capone that's off the books. Open the safe.
Mr. McDougal: You're insane. You know they'll find out who you are.
Michael Sullivan: The name's Sullivan. You want me to spell it?

Michael Sullivan: You gonna frisk me?

Michael Sullivan, Jr.: So when do I get my share of the money?
Michael Sullivan: How much do you want?
Michael Sullivan, Jr.: Two hundred dollars!
Michael Sullivan: Okay. Deal.
Michael Sullivan, Jr.: Could I have had more?
Michael Sullivan: You'll never know.

[Sullivan is teaching his son how to drive]
Michael Sullivan: All right, now, watch out for the tractor. Watch out for the tractor, Michael. Watch out for the tractor! Michael! Watch out for the tractor!!!
[Sullivan, Jr. swerves to avoid the tractor in the nick of time]
Michael Sullivan, Jr.: We made it!
Michael Sullivan: [sarcastically] Oh, oh yeah! We made it!

Michael Sullivan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry... I'm sorry.

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