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RJ Helton Quotes

You see them a little time before, like outside the show. I know I've
gotten to know Randy and Paula pretty well. I haven't talked with Simon
much off camera.

I am very confident in the voting process. I don't know enough about it
to really comment on it, but I'm confident in it.

No, my songs luckily have been pretty reasonable except for the top 30. I
didn't have any of my songs cleared except for "I'll Be There", and I really
didn't want to do that. I just had to have it, and so it ended up that I
sang that song. It was not my first pick.

We usually picked what we wanted to wear and we had some people to give us
help with colors and things like that. We actually got a shopping spree of
$2000.00 dollars and we are paid to do the show.

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