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Regina Spektor Quotes

I met this wonderful guy who owned an old pub near the Eiffel Tower called Malone's (he's French but it's an Irish name). He had a cellar with a piano and told me I could use it whenever I wanted to. I played lots of gigs down there. When I came back I played a show at the Knitting Factory.

I usually have a pretty clear idea and I'll talk to the people I'm working with so we all know what's going on. Like those songs with strings; I knew I wanted strings on those two songs. I coached the string players and once they knew the song they had suggestions of their own. It was a nice collaboration.

I started to write before I went to SUNY Purchase music conservatory. As an audition I submitted what I now think are really awful songs, but I guess they saw something in them.

Yeah. My singing and my songs were very influenced by all of that. People would come up to me and ask, Is that a Billie Holiday song? I'd say, No, it's my song. The lyrics would be in my style, but the songs would be very jazzy.

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