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I think that the Conspiracy is a far more potent and radical manifestation than Refused ever was. There is a certain preconceived notion about what a political band should be like, sound like, and look like, which makes the boundaries for this type of expression very limited. I think that with The Conspiracy we are playing on other emotions than with Refused, more to the point and focused, but also more entertaining and passionate. WE are also trying to inscribe into the project the idea that music is actually irrelevant and the only thing that matters, if we are speaking of a political context, is what you can do with it.
Dennis Lyxzen

Punk is not really important, but a change on a wider scale is what matters. Revolution has nothing to do with life/stylistic ideas, but it should be based on there actually being people out there. So, the question is then, why play punk rock music? ’Cause that is what we know and that is where we come from, but we are not content within the small world of petty politics and rules for freedom. We will play to anyone that likes us or anyone that we think deserves it. 
Dennis Lyxzen

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