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The Refreshments Quotes

When I am at home, I have a small piece of my garage that was the former ownerís woodshop. Basically I just painted it a lot of bright colors and hung some stuff in it and put a small uncomfortable chair and my guitar in there for writing. Uncomfortable chair because if I get too far into my creative trance, Iíll go into my sleep mode! If I can get away, I can really write anywhere. I find that the best place and time for me to write is where there are no interruptions from routine things at home Ė like taking the kids to school, checking email, or answering the phone -- I find those things very, very interruptive to my creative process. I used to be a nighttime creator, but now I find that I work better very early in the morning, like 4am, right out of a sleep. I think itís the pre-clutter clarity.
Roger Clyne

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